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LettingInAlbumArtWhat Are You Lettin In?
©2002 ASCAP
This is Rachel’s freshman project with songs compiled over the years for her first CD release. You will find songs of joy and gratefulness, love of God, family, and country, and even a few songs that may meddle a little, but all will challenge you and your walk with the Lord to reach for more than the “status quo.” 

My Hearts Desire

My Heart’s Desire
© 2011 ASCAP
Praise and worship music written for the 21st century christian. This is Rachel’s sophomore project with a more contemporary flavor. She shares the platform with cover songs her children and siblings wrote, as well as songs inspired out of VERY powerful personal experiences (be sure to read the “Stories Behind Songs” section). We pray this project will take you to a new level in your own daily praise and worship.