My Heart's Desire
My Heart’s Desire

  •     We're Here to Celebrate
  •     Sing Praise
  •     I Walk in the Presence
  •     My Hearts Desire
  •     When I Give To You
  •     Hungry for You
  •     Lord You Are Worthy
  •     Garment of Praise
  •     I'm Changing
  •     Lead Me to the Rock
  •     Release
  •     I'll Go
  •     Give Your Love

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We’re Here to Celebrate
Words and Music by Rachel Harvey & Mark Wisehart © 2011 ASCAP
At the church we went to in Terre Haute, Indiana, we would always sing “Celebrate Jesus” at the beginning of the Praise and Worship service on Sunday morning. I thought it would be nice to have a “Celebrate” song of our own instead of singing someone else’s…so I wrote this song for us to sing. My brother, Mark, wrote the bridge to it…it really seemed to get into the spirit and environment of all the great things God was doing in this particular church Body.

Sing Praise
Words and Music by Lenora Harvey © 2006 Music Precedent Ltd.
I remember me and all four children were driving home from the grocery store. Lenora was 6, Alex was 4, Becca was 2, and Daniel was just a few months old. Lenora started singing this really cute song from the back of the van. I said, “That’s a neat song, Lenora, where did you learn it?” And Lenora said, “I wrote it, mommy!” We were driving past the Church of God parking lot so I screeched over and parked and grabbed the first piece of paper and pencil I could find and had her repeat the song. The verses came a few years later, when I was on a songwriting team, and needed to submit a song about God’s creation. Lenora was actually our family’s first PUBLISHED songwriter…complete with royalty check and all. I like to think of this song as being “out of the mouth of a babe” as Jesus put it.I Walk in the Presence
Words and Music by Daniel Harvey © 2011 ASCAP
After we moved to Florida, Daniel came into the house one day and said, “Mom! I wrote a song!” I said, “That’s GREAT, Daniel, let me hear it!” So he proceeded to sing it to me. I told him that it would sound really great with some verses…so we sat down and I asked him, “Now, what are some reasons you like to walk in the Presence of the Lord?” He gave me a big long list of things, which I arranged into verses. Again, it is a song “out of the mouth of a babe”! I LOVE it when God uses children!! So everything you hear in this song is straight from Daniel’s heart!My Heart’s Desire
Words and Music by Ruth Sundeen © 2008 ASCAP
My sister, Ruth, is a sign language interpreter and has taught many classes over the years. When she was pregnant with her daughter, Elizabeth, she wanted to write a song that would be easy for her class to sign to music. So she made it slow and worshipful. I know you will be BLESSED by this lovely song!

When I Give to You
Words and Music by Rachel Harvey © 2011 ASCAP
At one point in my life, I was so overwhelmed at how many blessings God had given to me, and I just wanted to let the Lord know how much I loved to give to Him. I wanted Him to know that I appreciated the fact that He always keeps His Word when He says that when I cast my bread upon the water, it will return to me. It’s not that I give to get…it’s the wonderful principle that I LOVE giving…and God keeps his promise and so graciously gives back! What a wonderful, loving, caring Heavenly Father I have!!

Hungry For You
Words and Music by Rachel Harvey © 2006 ASCAP
I remember I wanted to write a gospel song. I LOVE the “spirit” of gospel songs and how they FILL my soul!! I had written the chorus and was reading my Bible and came across the scripture, “To the hungry, even the bitter is sweet…” My thought was even if I had to sit at the feet of the Lord in a damp, cold, horrible place, it would be SO SWEET to just be there with Him. I never want to be “satisfied”… I always want to hunger after Jesus and the Life that He brings!Lord You are Worthy
Words and Music by Rachel Harvey © 2002 ASCAP
My brother preached a sermon once about how he wanted to take the crown that the Bible says he was going to get, and lay it at the Feet of Jesus…because, you know, He is worthy for all of our crowns…He saved us from an eternity in hell by giving His life for us. It seems like such an insignificant thing that I could do to honor Him by giving Him my crown, but I want to, nevertheless. JMO.
Garment of Praise
Words and Music by Rachel Harvey © 2011 ASCAP
Here again, I was reading in my Bible where it says, “He will give you beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. That we might be trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord; that He might be glorified.” All of a sudden, this song sprang up in my heart and I wrote it down as quickly as I could. It is in response to the witness that the Holy Spirit put in my heart in a moment!I’m Changing
Words and Music by Rachel Harvey © 2011 ASCAP
This song was taken from a sermon my former pastor, Joe Saragusa, preached a few years ago. It is basically his sermon outline. My husband and I had also joined our church’s Celebrate Recovery group to help lead the praise and worship at the meetings. After a while, curious to know what happened in the groups, I started attending the ladies group and my husband started attending the men’s group. Lo and behold, we started finding out about
ourselves that we had hurts, hang-ups, and habits that needed to be dealt with. We started singing this song in our Celebrate Recovery worship, and it was wonderful to have this same change happening in our own lives and hearts.Lead Me to the Rock
Words and Music by Rachel Harvey © 2011 ASCAP
This song was written out of one of the darkest moments of my life. All my life up until I was about 35, I struggled with certain issues. On this particular night, all I can say is that temptation and sin had me by the hair, and I was trying to pull away from it but just couldn’t seem to. I prayed and prayed and agonized and begged God to take them away from me. It was SO dark in the house so I turned on every light there was, but it was still SO dark!! In desperation, thoughts of suicide tempted me…they said, “If you’ll just get this over with, you won’t have to continue to go through this pain and darkness.” I had four little ones in their beds that night sleeping and knew that this was NOT something I wanted to do. I ran to my Bible and opened it up to Psalm 61 where it said that God was my ROCK! I needed that Rock! I started repeating over and over…”Lead me to the Rock, God! Lead me to the Rock!” I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote the chorus so I could sing it over and over again. It has always been my belief that, just as the evil spirit fled when David played his harp for King Saul, the same thing happens when we begin to worship and praise the Lord if we are under spiritual attack. After a while, all the fear and darkness and guilt and accusation from the Enemy subsided, and I can tell you that since that time, I have NEVER had such a dark moment. Thank God HE led me to the Rock, where I parked myself and don’t intend to move. I wrote the verse a few days later. This song was written out of a GREAT darkness and out of INCREDIBLE emotional pain, but God was Faithful and will continue to be faithful to be my ROCK and my fortress that I can run to in times of trouble, heartache, and great need! And SO CAN YOU…no matter what YOUR darkness, pain, or need is! He WILL be Faithful!Release
Words and Music by Lenora Harvey © 2011 ASCAP
This is a song that my daughter, Lenora, wrote a few years ago after a very difficult relationship. After everything was over, she re-committed herself to the Lord, and has never turned back.
I’ll Go
Public Domain, arrangement by Rachel Harvey © 2011 ASCAP
I LOVE the old hymns…and love to “refurbish” them! They have such a wonderful message to them and are so “spiritually substantial”. I was singing the old hymn “I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go” while driving in my car one day…and started wondering how I could refurbish it into a more contemporary song. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to help me think of something…suddenly this tune came into my heart. I happened to have a mini-casette player, thanks to a work colleague, and grabbed it and recorded the song. I’m SO excited to present the finished product to you and hope it will be a blessing to you, just as the old hymn was!
Give Your Love
Words and Music by Rachel Harvey © 2011 ASCAP
This song was written for my oldest son, Alexander. I wrote it when he was about 12 years old. Me and my husband’s cousin, Tamara Tolley, were talking one Thanksgiving when the families all got together there in Indianapolis. Tamara was wondering why they have wedding songs from a father to daughter and a mother to a daughter or to the bride, and they never have any written from the mother to her son. I told her we’d just have to change that. I started to think about what I would want to tell my son on his wedding day…and this song was the result. I love you, Alex! You one of the BEST sons a mother could EVER ask for…of course, your brother, Daniel is the other! I have included the master track in case you would like to sing it for someone’s wedding! Enjoy!